36 Hours Dis:Play

artist collective 

"36 Hours Dis:Play" was a durational piece on May 14th 2016, presented by Hotel Particulier at Knotel 116W Houston, NYC. Twelve contributors from different fields gathered for 36 hours with works and concepts they sought to explore within the co-working space spirit. Once in the Dis:Play room, the group participated in the curatorial dialogue that soon developed towards collaborative situations. Works have conversed, conflicted and merged with one another, creating the possibility of a collective and anonymous form of art. The "exhibition" was ever ongoing and open to public throughout the whole durational.


Frederique Thiollet _ Founder Director Hotel Particulier.

Edgar Mosa _ Contemporary Art Jeweler
Joseph McShea _ Photographer
Samuel Farrier_ Artist . Art Direction

Matin Zad _ Photographer
Jun Mizumachi _ Sound Composer

McLayne Ycmat _ Graphic . Art Direction

Richard Haines _ Illustrator
Phil Roques _ Nose Perfumer
Derek Johnson _ Fashion Film Maker

Laura Perlongo _ Writer . Photographer

Peter Do _ Fashion Designer


Presented By Hotel Particulier.
Hotel Particulier Is A Curatorial Platform Generating Ideas, Situations And Editions With A Trans-Disciplinary Approach.
The Projects Are Developed Through A Series Of Rooms To Create An Alternative Discourse From The Traditional Modes Of Exhibition And Commerce Exposure.


In Partnership With Knotel
Knotel Hosts Shared Spaces For Creative Teams. A Co-Working Space For Technologists, Designers, And Entrepreneurs Doing Real Work. Knotel Also Host Events To Stir Discourse And Debate In Untraditional Ways. 


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